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Some choices in life are so easy that we tend to do them on autopilot coffee or tea for here to go Bonnie or Clyde okay that one can be a brain buster but still it’s doable some questions however are a lot more challenging here’s a list of crazy hard would u rather questions that will make you think twice. Here we go!

1. Would u rather Loss all your friends Or Lose all your gadgets?

2. Would you rather Buy your dream car Or Spend all money to save someone’s kid?

3. Would you rather Miss a $1 Million Deal Or Miss Your only kids’s wedding?

4. Would you rather Live 10 years less Or Let your mom live 10 years less for you?

5. Would you rather Become a Dragon Or Become a Fairy?

6. Would you rather Miss your Plane Or Miss your luggage?

7. Would you rather Go to prison for 10 years Or Go to war and die a hero?

8. Would you rather Always have to tell the truth Or Always lie?

9. Would you rather Find the love of your life Or Win the lottery for $10 million?

10. Would u rather Have no internet Or Have no friends?

11. Would you rather Be able to see the future Or Be able to change the past?

12. Would you rather Give your favorite TV show for a year Or Eat only ketchup for a week?

13. Would you rather Blow up your school Or Become the most popular at school?

14. Would you rather Be able to change water into wine Or Be able to read minds?

15. Would you rather Lose your partner Or Lose your parents?

16. Would you rather Lose all your money and values Or Lose all the pictures you have ever taken?

17. Would you rather Be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die Or Be unknown when you are alive but famous after you die?

18. Would you rather Lose all Your Teeth Or Lose all your hair?

19. Would you rather Eat the same dish all the time Or Listen to the same song all the time?

20. Would you rather Have wealth of the whole world Or Have knowledge of the whole world?

21. Would you rather Give up all the gadgets for a month Or Give up bathing for a month?

22. Would you rather Wear someone else’s underwear Or Use someone else’s toothbrush?

23. Would you rather Be the richest but be the dumbest Or Be the poorest but be the most intelligent?

24. Would you rather Save the world Or Save yourself?

25. Would you rather Tell the kindergarten children that Santa Claus doesn’t exit Or Never eat pizza again?

26. Would you rather Be crowned king or Queen Or Save 1000 Animals?

27. Would you rather For your birthday receive the gifts Or for your birthday receive cash?

28. Would you rather Be nerd Or Be geek?

29. Would you rather Be the oldest sibling Or Be the youngest sibling?

30. Would you rather Have an Beautiful house and ugly car Or Have an ugly house and Beautiful car?

31. Would you rather Live in Pairs Or Live in London?

32. Would you rather Cure cancer Or End world hunger?

33. Would you rather Make anyone fall in love with you Or Be the president of any country?

34. Would you rather Only drink coffee for the rest of you life Or Only drink tea for the rest of your life?

35. Would you rather Walk like a duck for the rest of your life Or Walk like a frog for the rest of your life?

36. Would you rather Wear a diaper over your pants at all times Or Wear a bra over your head at all times?

37. Would you rather Take this $100 bill Or Give it to her?

38. Would you rather Be funniest person in the room Or Be the most intelligent?

39. Free WiFi wherever you go Or Free drinks where/whenever you want?

40. Would you rather Have no sisters Or Have no brothers?

41. Would you rather Lose your sense of touch Or Lose your sense of smell?

42. Would you rather Be poor with lots of good friends Or Be rich with no friends?

43. Would you rather Control Space Or Control time?

44. Would you rather Be an amazing dancer Or Be an amazing singer?

45. Would you rather Run incredibly fast Or Jump incredibly high?

46. Would you rather Control fire Or Control Water?

47. Would you rather Bathing for a month Or The internet for a month?

48. Would u rather Never kiss again Or Never hug again?

49. Would u rather Sneeze for the rest of your life Or Have a cough for the rest of your life?

50. Would u rather Live until 40 in riches Or Live until 8 in poverty?

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