18 Scary Halloween Riddles – For Kids & Adults

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18 creepy Halloween riddles and brain teasers with answers that can check your logic! Try to resolve these creepy and mysterious logical puzzles utilizing your thoughts and IQ.

These Halloween riddles and brain teasers will make your thoughts do workout routines. Everyone will discover one thing to get pleasure from detective or crime, easy or difficult – this finest riddles and puzzles.

Try to guess every mind game and train yourself.

Best Halloween Riddles For Kids


Four kids went on their first trick and treating. When they met a guy. 15 minutes later the guy was found dead. You questioned the kids:

Evelyn: I was calling my mom.

Ethan: I went to the first house to trick and treat.

Ava: (Just kept crying)

Mia: I was munching the candies I got.

Who is lying?

who is lying? halloween jokes and riddles
who is lying? halloween jokes and riddles

Answer: Mia is lying. It was the beginning of their first trick and treat. They have not visited any houses yet. Where did she get the candies from?


James decided to throw a party on the 31st of October. All his friends put on cool costumes.

Andrew dressed up as Freddy Krueger

Sofia was little red riding hood and had a beautiful red dress

Lucas was Rocky balboa with big boxing gloves

Amelia put on the costume of Morticia Addams

At midnight, Sofia was found dead. James had to call the police, though he already knew who the killer was.

Who is the killer? (See the picture carefully)

Who is The Killer? halloween riddles riddlesnow.com
Who Is The Killer? halloween riddles for kids

Answer: See the finger marks on Sofia’s neck, only Amelia could do it. The boys had gloves on their hands. Which were not so easy to take off and put back on quickly.