Top 12 Riddles of the day that’ll stretch your brain

Where would you hide
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Solving difficult riddles is nearly one of the best ways to prepare your mind and enhance your logical abilities. riddles of the day

Riddlesnow brings you a set of Riddles of the day that may kick your mind! These tricky mind teasers and popular room escape riddles will challenge your thoughts and check your intelligence. Turn in your creativeness, activate your mind and keep focused to solve all of the brainteasers on time.

So make sure to spend not less than 20 minutes a day exercising your mind; So, do not wait anymore and begin solving these enjoyable riddles of the day! riddles of the day


Jane woke up locked in a room without either food or water. There are 3 doors with some sighs on them.

On the Door 1: The M letter

Door 2: An Arrow

Door 3: A heart 

Suddenly Jane heard a voice from somewhere above: You’ll get out of here alive only through the Fourth door! riddles of the day

Jane thought but there are only 3 doors! Jane looked around from the floor to the ceiling.

Where is the Fourth door? riddles of the day

Where is the Fourth door riddles of the day
Where is the Fourth door? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: Here it is! the symbols on the doors are actually numbers. Every door sign means a double-figure.


Nick has been kidnapped. They brought nick to a room with three doors. The kidnapper said choose how you want to die?

There are poisonous scorpions behind the 1st door, so you will die in agony.

There is a gun behind the 2nd door, so you will have to kill yourself.

Behind the 3rd door, there is a hungry wolf.

What should Nick choose?

HOW COULD HE ESCAPE riddles of the day

Answer: There can be two answers of this riddle. riddles of the day

1. Nick will choose 2nd door take the gun and he can then shoot the kidnappers.


2. Nick will choose 2nd door take the gun and open the 3rd door now he can then shoot the wolf and escape from that door.


You woke up and found yourself locked in a room. You have no idea about who wants to get rid of you. All of a sudden you hear a voice from the speaker above your head: Hey! let’s test your wit! This bomb will explode in 5 minutes. You can get out of here through any of these doors, but it’s not so simple.

There is a Monster behind the 1st door who will kill you at once.

Behind the 2nd door a huge fire that will burn you in a second.

Deadly poisonous gas behind the 3rd door.

Which door would you choose?

Which door IS SAFE riddles of the day
Which door is safe? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: Open door 1, throw the bomb in there and close the door. The monster will die. Now you can run away!


You woke up in the morning and found yourself locked in a wooden house. There is nothing but jungle surrounding it. it seems that you have been kidnapped, but you don’t know who did it and where you are now. There are 4 doors leading outside, but they are guarded by wild animals.

1st door: There are Hungry bats.

2nd door: Venomous Tarantulas.

3rd door: there are Rabid Foxes.

4th door: Venomous Snakes.

Which door should you choose?

Which door should you choose
Which door should you choose? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: You should choose door 1 because Bats are nocturnal animals, they sleep in the morning.


One day you got stuck in the land of monsters. As soon as you got there some orcs started to chase you. You want to hide from them somewhere. You see three options to hide:

A pyramid where a furious Mummy lives,

A haunted house, and

A Vampire castle ahead of you.

Where would you hide? riddles of the day

Where would you hide
Where would you hide?

Answer: You should choose the Castle because it’s day time, the vampire will be asleep.


The head of the international department in London has noticed that the secret information is leaking out. He suspects one of the new agents hired in the past month. He started watching them working.

1st agent is RON from the UK,

2nd agent is BO from China, and

3rd agent is LOUIE from France.

Who is the spy? (see the picture carefully)

Who is the spy riddles of the day
Who is the spy? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: The spy is RON because it’s the US flag on his Bag.


Other Riddles: riddle of the day


Tim was captured by a serial killer. The Killer wants to play a game with Tim.

The Killer said: I have cooked mushroom soups for you. There are three plates. You have to choose one of them and eat the soup. Two of them are poisoned and one is safe. If you choose the right plate, I will let you go. If you eat the poisoned soup, you will die in agony.

Which plate should Tim choose? (see the picture carefully)

Which plate should Tim choose
Which plate should Tim?

Answer: Tim should choose the 1st soup because the color of 2nd soup is strange and In the 3rd soup, the mushrooms seem to have dissolved in the poison. so 1st soup is a good one.  


One day the king decided to do an experiment. Instead of executing three criminals, he offered them to choose one food product. They would have to eat till the end of their lives: Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea. They can’t eat anything else but the chosen product. The one who lives the longest will be released.

Which product would you choose?

Which product would you choose
Which product would you choose?

Answer: According to the legend, the one who ate chocolate lived for 8 months.

The one who ate coffee lived for 2 years.

The last one lived for 3 years. so choose TEA!   

riddles of the day


Mrs. Melissa is a school teacher. Someone took her apple after class. She suspects three students: John, Luke, and Alex.

John said: I didn’t do it!

Luke said: I didn’t do it!

Alex said: Luke did it!

She knows that only one boy is telling the truth.

Who stole the apple? riddles of the day

Who stole the apple riddles of the day
Who stole the apple? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: John stole the apple. Luke is telling the truth. if John is telling the truth, Luke and Alex can’t both be liars.


Mark has been kidnapped. He woke up in a strange place and found a note from the kidnappers. “choose one door you will be free or dead.”

Behind the 1st door, An evil arms dealer with guns,

In 2nd door, Mark’s Ex-girlfriend. Who wants to kill him for cheating, and

Behind the 3rd door, Mark’s Ex-friend. Who wants to kill him for betrayal.

Which door should Mark choose?

Which door should Mark choose
Which door should Mark choose?

Answer: He should the 1st door because The arms dealer is evil, but he is not going to kill Mark.


On Christmas evening, Emma was abducted. When she woke up, she found herself in a room with 4 doors. There was a note from the kidnappers: “CHOOSE ONE DOOR TO GET OUT BUT THERE WILL BE AN OBSTACLE BEHIND EACH DOOR”.

Behind the 1st door Blazing Fire,

In 2nd door A killer ready to shoot you,

Behind the 3rd door Your ex who’s is a black belt in karate and a hungry tiger, and

4th door A room full of traps.

Which door should Emma choose?

Which door should Emma choose
Which door should Emma choose? RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: She should choose Door 3 because the hungry tiger should be eating her ex. She has time to slip past it.


A maniac keeps you in a room that will soon be filled with poisonous gas. There is a locked door that leads to freedom and the keys are on the bottoms of three tanks. You need to dive into a tank to get the key. The keys are the same in each tank.

1st tank is full of Citric acid,

2nd tank is full of Hydrochloric acid, and

3rd tank is full of Nitric acid.

Which one would you choose?

Which one would you choose riddles of the day
Which one would you choose? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: The one with Citric acid. It’s like swimming in lemon juice.

riddles of the day

Other Riddles: riddles of the day

So, how many brain teasers and riddles of the day did you solve? please tell us in the comment box and SHARE these riddles of the day set with your friends and relatives.


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