Top 12 Riddles of the day that’ll stretch your brain

Where would you hide
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Solving difficult riddles is nearly one of the best ways to prepare your mind and enhance your logical abilities. riddles of the day

Riddlesnow brings you a set of Riddles of the day that may kick your mind! These tricky mind teasers and popular room escape riddles will challenge your thoughts and check your intelligence. Turn in your creativeness, activate your mind and keep focused to solve all of the brainteasers on time.

So make sure to spend not less than 20 minutes a day exercising your mind; So, do not wait anymore and begin solving these enjoyable riddles of the day! riddles of the day


Jane woke up locked in a room without either food or water. There are 3 doors with some sighs on them.

On the Door 1: The M letter

Door 2: An Arrow

Door 3: A heart 

Suddenly Jane heard a voice from somewhere above: You’ll get out of here alive only through the Fourth door! riddles of the day

Jane thought but there are only 3 doors! Jane looked around from the floor to the ceiling.

Where is the Fourth door? riddles of the day

Where is the Fourth door riddles of the day
Where is the Fourth door? riddles of the day RIDDLESNOW.COM

Answer: Here it is! the symbols on the doors are actually numbers. Every door sign means a double-figure.


Nick has been kidnapped. They brought nick to a room with three doors. The kidnapper said choose how you want to die?

There are poisonous scorpions behind the 1st door, so you will die in agony.

There is a gun behind the 2nd door, so you will have to kill yourself.

Behind the 3rd door, there is a hungry wolf.

What should Nick choose?

HOW COULD HE ESCAPE riddles of the day

Answer: There can be two answers of this riddle. riddles of the day

1. Nick will choose 2nd door take the gun and he can then shoot the kidnappers.


2. Nick will choose 2nd door take the gun and open the 3rd door now he can then shoot the wolf and escape from that door.