3 Popular Door Escaping Riddles Mystery

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Improve your intelligence with a mix of 3 logic puzzles and Escape Room Riddles! Solving tricky riddles is almost the best way to train your logical skills.

Are you good at escaping problematic situations?

Can you escape these 3 fun & Simple yet confusing situation?

  • Easy Level
  • Medium Level
  • Hard Level

Let’s test your skills.

Level 1 : Easy

escape room riddles riddlesnow.com

1st door : Behind the 1st door there is a raging fire. 

2nd  room : Acid rain is falling behind the 2nd  room which will melt your flesh in seconds.

3rd room : 3rd room leads you to a brown bear who is hungry Since 2 years.

Which door will you choose to survive?

confused man in riddles
confused man in riddles

ANSWER : Door 3 because the Bear hasn’t eaten from Since 2 years, therefore it’s dead!!

Level 2 : Medium

Escape Room Riddles riddlesnow.com
You are trapped In a room which is about to explode in 15 minutes. The only escape is through those 6 doors. Can you find 2 safe doors & escape?

Door 1 : Pool filled with Piranhas.

Door 2 : A mad psycho waiting to kill you.

Door 3 : High voltage wires above wet floor.

Door 4 : Room with raging fire.

Door 5 : 2 deadly predator (Lion & Wolf) have not eaten since 1 day, waiting to eat you.

Door 6 : 10th floor room with only 1 window.

Which 2 doors are safe?

man confused in Escape Room
ANSWER : Door 3 : Unless your body comes in contact with both (water & the wires), you are safe. The wires are not touching the water. You can simply crawl or duck your Way out.

Door 5 : The lion will probably eat The wolf 1st. A lion is far stronger than a wolf. plus, a wolf can not outrun a lion if it chose to escape.

Level 3 : Hard (Read Carefully)

girl with 6 Escape Room Riddles riddlesnow.com

Early morning, little Jiya finds herself trapped Inside a room. The only escape is through those 6 doors. There is more than 1 door that is safe! Figure out those safe doors.

Door 1 : There is a Ninja who will chop your head off!

Door 2 : There is a Alligator who has not eaten since 2 years.

Door 3 : There is a Lion who has not eaten since 2 weeks.

Door 4 : A Desert in which the hot blazing sun will burn you instantly.

Door 5 : Door is locked because the keys have been misplaced.

Door 6 : There was a Zombie inside that final door.

Which doors are safe?

confused girl Escape riddlesnow.com
ANSWER : If you choose Door 2 the Alligator Or Door 3 the Lion, then you are absolutely WRONG because a Lion can survive 2 Weeks without food!! & Alligator can live 2 years without food!!

Door 4 : You can wait till night and Simply Walk out through the Hot Blazing Sun Desert at night, The Sun can’t burn you Plus, climate is always cooler In the desert at night.

Door 5 : Open the locked door because The keys were somewhere In the room only.

Door 6 : Walkout through the zombie door because I said there “WAS” a Zombie Not “Is”.


If you pass

Level 1 : You are intelligent

Level 2 : you are genius

Level 3 : you are super genius


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