WOULD YOU RATHER! What Would You Choose to Survive? HARDEST TEST EVER

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These Would You Rather game questions will challenge not only your brain, but your courage as well. You will have to admit some unpleasant truth about yourself and can show that you aren’t so good as you used to think about yourself. Will you dare to press ‘play’? NO, so Let’s Go!

1. Would you rather Be infamous in history books Or Be forgotten after your death?

2. Would you rather Never have to work again Or Never have to sleep again?

3. Would you rather Never be able to eat meat Or Never be able to eat vegetables?

4. Would you rather Give up watching TV/Movies for a year Or Give up playing games for a year?

5. Would you rather Know the history of every object you touched Or Be able to talk to animals?

6. Would you rather Be held in high regard by your parents Or Be held in high regard by your friends?

7. Would you rather Have the power to gently nudge anyone’s decisions Or Have complete puppet master control of 6 people?

8. Would you rather Have a flying carpet Or A car that can drive underwater?

9. Would you rather Get 5 dollar for every song you sang in public Or 50 dollars for every stranger you kiss?

10. Would you rather Have to fart loudly once, every time you have a serious conversation Or Have to burp after every kiss?

11. Would you rather 10 minutes naked in school Or 1 hour naked on a street?

12. Would you rather Raise an orphan kid Or Raise a cute puppy?

13. Would you rather Never brush your hair again Or Never brush your teeth again?

14. Would you rather Have whatever you are thinking appear above your head for everyone to see Or Have absolutely everything you do live streamed for anyone to see?

15. Would you rather Drink water Or Give it to the poor child?

16. Would you rather Be able to remember anything you see Or Be able to remember anything you hear?

17. Would you rather Eat a pizza alone Or Share it with friends?

18. Would you rather Be poor for life Or Be a virgin for life?

19. Would you rather Have a lot of friends Or Be alone with unlimited internet access?

20. Would you rather Have a big house and no family Or Have a big family and a tiny house?

21. Would you rather Eat only sweets Or Eat only spicy food?

22. Would you rather Be married to an extremely attractive one Or Be extremely attractive?

23. Would you rather Be able control all animals with your mind Or Control all electronics?

24. Would you rather Be in jail for 10 years Or Be in a coma for 10 years?

25. Would you rather Make out on a first date Or Wait for the perfect time?

26. Would you rather Live in a virtual reality Or Live in real life?

27. Would you rather Lose all your possessions Or Sell one of your organs?

28. Would you rather Kill 1 innocent person Or Kill 4 People who committed minor crimes?

29. Would you rather Always look 10 years younger Or Always look 10 years older?

30. Would you rather Have unlimited sushi for life Or Have unlimited pizza for the life?

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