Would you rather TEST Riddles now
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A hard would you rather test for those who can stay cold-minded without giving over to emotion! This thrilling test is only for the bravest ones who aren’t afraid of facing unpleasant truth about themselves.😜 Ok let’s get started this test!

1. Would you rather Have to sleep 3 hours everyday Or Have to sleep 15 hours everyday?

2. Would you rather Bring back someone you love who died Or Bring back someone famous who died?

3. Would you rather like McDonald’s Or KFC?

4. Would you rather Always feel like you’re going to sneeze but can’t Or Always have the hiccups?

5. Would you rather Go on a date Or Go on a party?

6. Would you rather Enhance your vision Or Enhance your hearing?

7. Would you rather Stop animal abuse Or Stop pollution?

8. Would you rather Celebrate your birthday Or Celebrate Christmas?

9. Would you rather Be naked in Antarctica Or Wear a snow suit in the desert?

10. Would you rather Travel with friends Or Travel alone?

11. Would you rather have free clothes Or Have Free gas?

12. Would you rather Be locked in a cage with two tigers Or Eat 10 live Tarantulas?

13. Would you rather Only wear your parents clothes for the rest of your life Or Wear your same favorite outfit for the rest of your life?

14. Would you rather Only eat burger for the rest of your life Or Only eat pasta for the rest of your life?

15. Would you rather Have uncontrollable ear hair Or Have uncontrollable noise hair?

16. Would you rather Be alone in the world Or Everyone is indifferent to you?

17. Would you rather Very long eyebrows hair Or Very long eyelashes?

18. Would you rather Extremely long fingernail Or Very long toenail?

19. Would you rather Save the life of your love Or Save the life of your best friend?

20. Would you rather Have a pet monkey Or Have a talking parrot?

21. Would you rather Be in the Avengers Team Or Be in the X-men team?

22. Would you rather Sing horribly Or Dance horribly?

23. Would you rather Be a genius in a world of moron Or Be a moron in a world of genius?

24. Would you rather Be beautiful and dumb Or Be ugly and really smart?

25. Would you rather Be abducted by aliens Or Be kidnapped by terrorist?

26. Would you rather Lose a limb Or Lose access to the internet forever?

27. Would you rather Be chased by angry bulls Or Be Chased by hungry sharks?

28. Would you rather Use sandpaper for toilet paper Or Use vinegar for eye drops?

29. Would you rather Be color blind Or Not be able to understand puns?

30. Would you rather Have bad breath Or Have smelly feet?

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  1. Some decisions are the most difficult to make, but once we chose the correct option we will have a wonderful life

  2. I didn’t give up and I ended up with the wife I have wanted for a year not actually but yea and with super powers and very rich and kind and never forgotten and loved forever I wish that was my real life 😭

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