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Personality Test – Make these Would you rather hardest choices a person can ever face and reveal what secrets are hidden in your soul! You will have to make the hardest choices in your life (hopefully, they’re only imagined situations) and you can’t say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I want it all’, no. What’s about me, it was all true! Will you dare to pass the test?

1. Would you rather Be the person everyone hates Or Be the person everyone ignores?

2. Would you rather Only have access to YouTube Or Only have access to online games?

3. Would you rather Eat a bar of soap Or Drink a bottle of dish soap?

4. Would you rather Eat the same food for the rest of your life Or Never use Instagram again?

5. Would you rather Die from drowning Or Get burned?

6. Would you rather Have free internet for a lifetime Or Have free food for a lifetime?

7. Would you rather See blurt all the time Or See everything in black and white?

8. Would you rather Get $1 for every good deed you do Or Get $100 for every act of evil?

9. Would you rather Be chased by maniac Or 100% break your phone?

10. Would you rather Have a freakishly huge smile Or Have a freakishly small nose?

11. Would you rather Be an unknown superhero Or Be a famous villain?

12. Would you rather Be unable to see anything for a day Or Go a month without your phone?

13. Would you rather Have amazing fast typing/texting speed Or Be able to read super fast?

14. Would you rather Hear the good news first Or Hear the bad news first?

15. Would you rather Swim in the sea with a hungry shark Or Walk in the jungle with a hungry lion?

16. Would you rather Use time travel to change history Or Use time travel to change something personal?

17. Would you rather Always be naked Or Always be itchy?

18. Would you rather Have a friend with really smelly breath Or Have a friend that farts all the time?

19. Would you rather Be known for your intelligence Or Be known for your good looks?

20. Would you rather Never wear shoes for the rest of your life Or Never drive a car for the rest of your life?

21. Would you rather Never be able touch anyone again Or Never be able talk to anyone again?

22. Would you rather Eat and not gain any weight Or Eat and not have to pay for it?

23. Would you rather Fight a bear Or Fight a lion?

24. Would you rather Be a thief Or Be a beggar?

25. Would you  rather Spit fire when you speak Or Breath ice when you speak?

26. Would you rather inherit 20 million dollars Or Earn 50 million dollars through your hard work

27. Would you rather Be half of your age Or Be double your weight?

28. Would you rather Know the date of your death Or Know the cause of your death?

29. Would you rather Have a rewind button in your life Or Have a pause button in your life?

30. Would you rather stuck on a desert island  with 3 people you hate Or Be stuck on a desert island alone?

31. Would you rather Make 1 new law of your choice Or Get rid of any 1 law of your choice?

32. Would you rather Have a cat Or Have a dog?

33. Would you rather Mentally never age Or Physically never age?

34. Would you rather Have X-ray vision Or The ability to fly?

35. Would you rather Be guaranteed a really hot spouse Or A rich spouse?

36. Would you rather Go on a date Or Go on a party?

37. Would you rather Have the ability to swap genders whenever you want Or Have the ability to change your age whenever you want?

38. Would you rather Get rich through your hard work Or Through the lottery?

39. Would you rather Be born rich Or Be born smart?

40. Would you rather Spend the night in a graveyard Or Spend the night in a spooky abandoned house?

41. Would you rather Be stupid and the brilliant kid Or Be brilliant and have a stupid kid?

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  1. Great post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

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